PIANO Cable upright, maple solid wood, 1973, tone pulsator #416223 excellent condition. Maintained and tuned by Michael Gironda. Bought in 2007 for children and they no longer use. Looking for $200 or best offer. If interested, please email

Used OPPO UDP-203 4k BLU-RAY PLAYER- No scratches anywhere with Minimal use, comes with all original accessories and box. What's in the Box: Owner's manual, Blu-ray player, 63" AC power cord, Remote control, 2 "AA" batteries, and 69" HDMI cable User Manual. If interested, please text Paul at 310-742-4575 or

VIOLIN- 2010 August F. Kohr HC622 4/4 Violin. Originally paid $1,600.00 - case and instrument is in perfect condition. Looking to sell it for $1,000.00. If interested, please contact Linda at 863-398-7623 or

ORGAN- Preloved Yamaha E45 Electone Console Organ, a classic Yamaha console still sought after by organ buffs all over the world. In beautiful condition. If interested, please contact Mark at

CLARINET- Used Yamaha Allegro Clarinet with case for $300.00. If interested, please contact Nicci at 407-936-4527 or at:

KEYBOARD- Yamaha PSR s650 with stand. Only a year old, never had time to play so it's practically brand new. Would like to get $500 with stand. If interested, contact Henry at 407-308-8181or at:

PIANO- Samick SU-105 Upright Piano with bench. Excellent Condition, hasn't been played much, MUST SELL. Was purchased NEW in 1980's for $2000. Moving and can't take the piano - Asking for $600.00. If interested, contact Carol at 407-461-9085 or at:

CELLO- Used student full-size 4/4 cello. Asking $400 paid $600 two years ago. If interested, contact Nancy at:

GUITAR- Ovation guitar celebrity acoustic. Well balanced from low to high and works with or without an amplifier. If interested, contact Steven at 407-202-5969 or at : 9/30/15

GUITAR- Yamaha acoustic guitar and case. It is tuned and plays well. If interested, contact Susan at : 2/25/15

TENOR SAXOPHONE- Selmer Paris TS-500. I have owned this instrument for 6 years and it is in great condition. I haven't played it in about a year so I figured it was time to sell. There are a few scratches like any used instrument but cork is in good condition and pads are in great condition with no leaks. It is in need of a tune up but other than that, lows and octaves transition nicely. I also have 2 mouthpieces - one Yamaha and one gold plated jazz. If interested, contact Chase at 407-409-0410 or at : 2/25/15

VIOLIN- 2005 4/4 Lewis Violin and bow all in the box and in mint condition. If interested, contact Robert at 407-284-8227 or at : 2/25/15

HARP- Lever Harp. It is about 15 years old and is a cherry wood lever harp. It has its own case and there is also alot of music to go along with it. It was used a lot but has been in its case for the last 5 years. It is perfect for a beginner harpist. I am asking $5000. If interested, contact Hilary at : 2/10/15


GUITARS (All with hard cases) - 1. Ovation Celebrity CC026, 2. Yamaha Base RBX774, 3. Fender Stagemaster 3005195.

DRUMS - 1. 5 piece RMV, 2. Pearl 10" Firecracker 10" snare, 3. 2 Sabian AAX Explosion Cymbals 14" and 16", 4. 2 Sabian Paragon 16" and 18" crash, 5. 1 set of 14" Paragon Hi Hats, 6. 2 Sabian Splash XS 10", 7. 1 Sabian XS 20" ride, 8. 2 LP Cow Bells, 9. Tambourine and Hat Trick, 10. 1 LP set of Toms 6" and 8", 11. Pearl Double Bass Pedal, 12. Pearl Hi Hat Stand, 13. Yamaha Electric Drum Pad, 14. Gibralter Rack with Hardware, 15. 4 piece drum microphones with cables, 16. 2 stools.

PA SYSTEM - 1. Eurodesk Behringer mixer SL3242FX-Pro, 2. Behringer Europower Amp EP2500/2x 1200 watts, 3. QSC RMX 850 amp, 4. 2 Peavey model PV215 speakers, 5. Samson 18" bass sub, 6. Miscellaneous cables, 7. Art 134 15 band equalizer (TC Electronic M300 Dual Engine Processor.

If interested, contact Robert at 352-557-4247 or : 1/28/15

PIANO- Clavinova Model 207 - all wood and in mint condition. Asking $1500. If interested, contact Mary at 407-873-0827 or : 12/3/14

VIOLIN- Full size cherry wood violin. I have the case, bow, and shoulder rest to accompany the sale. I bought the violin from Atlantic Strings Orlando about 4 years ago. I used it in middle school orchestra. However, when transferring to high school I did not carry orchestra with me. I am now looking for quick cash and this violin is extremely valuable! The violin is in perfect condition (easily mistaken for brand new). I bought the violin for $950 but I am only asking $700. If interested, contact Alisia at 407-257-9723 or : 10/28/14

FLUTE- Emerson Flute. I used it for 7th and 9th grade and it's in great condition. I have not used it in 2 years. I'm in college now and it's just taking up space. I bought it for $1200. If interested, contact Jessica Cherrington at 205-593-6915 or : 10/14/14

KEYBOARD- Roland JV-90: 76 semi-weighted keys. Expandable synth that also works well as MIDI controller. Proteaus 2000: Expandable rack-mount module. Behringer BCR2000: USB/MIDI controller. Digital Music MX8: Programmable rack-mount MIDI patchbay. If interested, contact Victor at : 10/8/14

VIOLIN- 1/4th size and 3x4 size color mahogany case, shoulder rest, bow, and bow sharpener. 2 years old and lightly used. If interested, contact Suja Mathew at 407-438-9165 or : 9/30/14

TECHNOBEAM STAGE LIGHTING- I have 8 total - 6 work and 2 do not. These are high end dance club/band lighting. On ebay they are going for $600-$700 each. I am just asking $275 each or you can take them all for a volume discount. If interested, contact Mike at 407-719-6312 or : 9/16/14

GUITARS- Schecter A7 Diamond Series 7 String Guitar, Schecter Omen 6 Diamond Series 6 String Guitar, Schecter Extreme 4 Bass Guitar. If interested, contact Kyle at : 9/10/14

DRUM SET- 7 piece Tama Starclassic Drum Set. Beautiful wood grain with a dark blue see through finish. 10" 12" 14" mounted toms and 16" and 18" floor toms. 14" Starclassic snare, 24" bass drum. Pearl rack with all mounts. 10" splash 14" 17" crashes and 22" ride - all Z customs. 8" and 10" ZBT splashes. 12" Z custom master hi-hat, 18" oriental "trash" china boy, iron cobra hi-hat stand, dw 5000 bass drum pedal. I am the first and only owner. They were not transported often and are in very good condition. If interested, contact Robert at 407-276-2778 or : 8/6/14

ALTO SAX- Armstrong (Conn) 3000 Alto Sax Elkhart, Indiana 1977 with hard case, strap, and sheet music holder. Pearlized keys and thumb rest. Very good condition but will need to have neck cork replaced. A few blemishes with small dent in back. Would like to sell in the next few days. If interested, contact Christi at 321-945-3272 or 407-281-6099 or : 7/21/14

HOHNER 64 CHROMONICA- I have a HOHNER 64 CHROMONICA 280-C, made in Germany. It is in excellent condition and comes in the original package. If interested, contact Eric Espinel at 407-870-3962 or : 6/9/14

French Horn- I have a King Eroica Double French Horn for sale. I don't play much anymore due to my career and I am looking to sell it. It comes with a hand grip, hard case, adapter for plastic mouthpieces, and a Giardinelli C8 mouthpiece. If interested, contact Jamie at 239-823-4910 or : 5/20/14

Oboe- I played it for 5 years from 1995-2000 while in school and only a few times after that. It has been sitting around in its case for 10 years. It is wood not plastic. I'm selling it because it is not being used. If interested, contact Deveron at 561-876-7485 or : 4/29/14

Guitar, Piano, Wires, Piano Stand, Saxophone- If interested, contact Wasif at : 4/1/14

Signet Selmer Tenor Saxophone- I have had it for about 4 years so there is only minor scratches on it, and only light dents. It also comes with a cleaning cloth. Still works perfectly well. If interested, contact Sarah at : 2/4/14

Casio Electric Keyboard WK3300- Was great but something happened to the power port recently and now it won't stay on for very long. I got a new one for Christmas and I want to sell this to someone who can fix it and put it to use. I am asking $60. If interested, contact Charles at : 1/10/14

Bass Guitar- Vintage Charvel/Jackson BP9 Bass Guitar. Bought it new 20+ years ago, mint condition with original hard shell case. If interested, contact Nick at : 12/6/13

Violin- Emile Baran Full Size Violin. Body is in perfect condition. Bow and strings need repair. If interested, contact Kacie at 407-371-2445 or : 12/6/13

Clarinet and Saxophone- Clarinet is Buffet, Crampon & Cie made in France. Saxophone is Tru Tone low pitch 202427. If interested, contact Marcia at 407-628-4139 or : 11/25/13

Ampeg 410 hlf Bass Cabinet- If interested, contact Kevin at : 11/12/13

Wooden Recorders- One is in a box that says "Recorder Alto-F Standard Model, Hermann Moeck Studios/Celle, Germany". It was beloved by my elderly aunt. There are 2 others that she owned. One is in a canvas case, the other looks plastic. There is also old sheet music/booklets that are in good condition. I have no idea of their value - I am more interested in finding someone that would appreciate these relics. If interested, contact Barbara at : 10/29/13

Alto Saxophone- Jupiter Alto Sax CES-760 Capital Edition. Absolutely perfect condition. Beautiful two tone alto sax. Bought new in 2012 and used for 1 hour tops, complete with case and many accessories. If interested, contact Rob at 407-257-4905 or email address: 10/8/13