Piano, Guitar

Victoria Keene

Tori "Flip" Keene is an Orlando native, born with a lifelong love of music. At age 11, she began her formal piano training, and after her instructor left the state to pursue a better opportunity, she continued a self-inspired training and learning regimen that has formed her into the disciplined musician she is today. Tori hopes to inspire people of all ages to cultivate an identity as a musician, and to truly feel joy and pride in the hard work that comes hand in hand with learning an instrument. 

When she is not teaching or devoting time to practice, she plays synthesizers, guitar, and sings backup vocals in a local band called SugarPlum, and helps host a Dungeons and Dragons podcast with other musicians from Orlando. One of Tori's goals is to help create a loving and caring community of artists in Orlando's music scene, and she is incredibly grateful for OPMI to have been given the opportunity to help instruct the next generation of musicians to come from the city beautiful.

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