OMBA Music Classes

Monthly Tuition (except for MusicFirst) is $65.  Upon registration all classes except for MusicFirst will also require a $30 registration fee so first month is $95 and every month after is $65.




Ages First grade and up

Elementary students ages 6 and older will learn music notation, theory, and age/level appropriate piano skills and techniques as they progress through individual piano method books/materials.

(Registration fee and monthly tuition fees include all lesson books, materials, equipment use, and weekly lessons.)                                                                                                                                                                    



Ages - First grade and up

 Grab some sticks, get ready to jam, and come on by to learn what the Rhythm Rage is all about! This brand-new, high-energy bucket drumming course will focus on a different drum beat each week. You’ll learn to play rhythms ranging from pop to rock to disco and everything in between…all performed on buckets, trash cans, and everyday objects Blue Man Group-style! We will have performances throughout the year to show off all they have learned. 

All skill levels are welcome.  Drum Pads/Sticks are provided.


Ages PreK - Kindergarten

No registration fee required - This child-only class is for  preschool and kindergarten children who want to explore  and experience music on a deeper level through interactive songs, fun music games, and partner and group activities. Students will explore and develop and understandings of more complex rhythms, music notation, pitch exploration, and instrumentation using the fundamentals of classical music. This stage of music instruction promotes the development of cognitive thought process, problem solving, situational and self-awareness, as well as social, emotional, and physical growth and development.  

18 week sessions for $220 


Ages - Kindergarten and up

This is a performance-based class in which students will learn the important aspects of acting, movement, voice and stage production. 

The kids work towards 1 larger scale production (something from the Broadway Jr Collections), to be performed in May and we will have a cast party on the last week of the school year!  

The show is selected based on the number of students I will have in the class. Once the show is selected,  they will all get to audition for parts and it will be up to the children whether or not to do a speaking or non-speaking roll…often times this is their first experience with theater and it is important that it be approached so that they all feel comfortable, and safe in their participation as opposed to being thrown into a role they might feel overwhelmed with, as that can cause feelings of negativity and hinder them in their natural progress in self-confidence, and self-awareness.  

*Due to the fact that this is a performance-based class, a commitment to the program is vital. This is to ensure that our cast grows together as a whole and performances are not compromised!

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