Guitar, Voice Teacher


Miranda Burgan teaches Guitar and Voice Lessons for OPMI. She has always possessed a love and interest in music. She has participated in choral ensembles since elementary school and is still active in the singer/songwriter community in Central Florida. Miranda’s music is aired on local radio stations and she has opened up for several musical acts, most notably Sugar Ray of popular music infamy.

Teaching guitar since her senior year of high school, Miranda has taught all ages and ability levels. In 2007 she attended Berklee College of Music where she developed a better understanding of jazz, samba, blues and other contemporary styles while studying voice. She continues to study classical and jazz guitar and desires to be a full-time music educator in the future.

Miranda believes that music instruction should not only teach students to be well-rounded, proficient musicians but also encourage them to express themselves through their own musical interests and passions. Miranda is also well versed in recording technology as she has co-produced her first album and is finishing up a degree in radio production.

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