Stoneybrook Academy
OPMI After-School Music Classes 2016-2017
Classes start August 15th


GUITAR Group guitar classes are geared toward the beginner guitar student. Students will learn how to read guitar tablature, basic music theory concepts, care and maintenance of their instrument and beginner guitar lessons/methods.

Students are required to bring their own guitar to class.
For information on our instrument requirements, or to purchase a guitar through OPMI, please see our OPMI Instrument Policy page.

Tuition for this class is $65.00 per month and includes a guitar method book and materials.

Guitar Class Schedule TBA

PIANO Group piano classes are geared towards the beginner piano student. Students will learn how to read music notation, basic music theory concepts and beginner level piano skills/methods.

Students are NOT required to bring their own keyboard to class but are highly encouraged to have one at home to practice with.
Tuition for this class is $65.00 per month and includes a piano method book and materials.

Piano Class Schedule TBA

INTRO TO DRAMA This group drama class is geared towards young elementary students who are interested in learning the absolute basics of acting and stage performance. Students will learn concepts such as scene dialogue, characterization and proper stage presence. This class will be based on small scene-lets and skits and will not involve singing.

Tuition for this class is $65.00 per month and includes all class materials.

Intro to Drama Class Schedule TBA

MUSICFIRST (Ages 3-5) This class is for pre-school age children who want to explore and experience music on a deeper level through interactive songs, fun music games, and partner and group activities. Students will explore and develop and understanding of more complex rhythms, music notation, pitch exploration, and instrumentation using the fundamentals of classical music. This stage of music instruction promotes the development of cognitive thought process, problem solving, situational and self awareness, as well as social, emotional, and physical growth and development.

Tuition for this class is $65.00 per 6 week sessions and includes songs, class materials and music.

MusicFirst PreK Class Schedule TBA

ART ENRICHMENT Explore a variety of art medias including 3D sculpture, printmaking, sketching, painting and collage. Class is designed to broaden creativity through personal expression.

 Tuition for this class is $65.00 per month and includes class materials.

Art Class Schedule TBA

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