OPMI After School Behavior Expectations

In order for us to provide an educational, yet fun and exciting music enrichment program to your children, it is important for each student enrolled in our program to be responsible for his / her behavior during their music lesson.

Each of our instructors work very hard to bring a quality music lesson in a group setting and for this to be successful, there are a few expectations we have of our students so that they, along with others in the class, may have a beneficial, and progressive lesson experience.

1.Students are to arrive ONTIME for class with their OPMI Music Folder / lesson materials, and instrument that may be required.

2.Students are to raise their hand if they have questions / concerns with the lesson material as calling out and talking to other students in the class causes disruption for the instructor, and the other students.

3.Students are to be respectful to their instructor and the other students in the class at all times.

4.Students are to practice any lesson assignments given so that they may progress along with the rest of the class and ensure their own success!

In order for us to work together as a team with parents, students, and instructors, “Behavior Tickets” will be used.

If your child has not acted appropriately in their music lesson, your instructor will place a RED Behavior Ticket in your child’s music folder and a note will be made on the class roster.

This is to inform parents that there was a behavior issue in lesson that day and to remind students to demonstrate better behavior the following week.

If your child receives 5 RED Behavior Tickets, they will be permanently removed from the music class and a refund will not be given.

If your child has demonstrated excellence in their music lesson, and has gone above and beyond in demonstrating good practice technique, and preparedness, the instructor will place a GREEN Behavior Ticket in your child’s music folder.

For every four GREEN Behavior Tickets your child receives, $ 5 will be deducted from your next month's tuition and your child will be rewarded with something special in class!

We highly encourage parents to check their child's music folder at the end of each class to keep informed on any information handed out during class, and to stay informed on your child's progress and behavior!

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