OPMI is running weekly specialty camps at Stoneybrook West Town Center (1201 Black Lake Blvd) over the summer break!  Come see what all the excitement is about! 

*extended day care available for an additional $45 per week (8:00am-5:00pm)


10 Weeks of Specialty Camps


DANCE FX is geared towards the true dancer at heart-no matter the ability! Campers will experience an artistic fusion of Hip-Hop, Latin, Free-Style, and Rhythmic Step Sequence amped up by special effect lighting, illusion, and instrumentation. Come on out and join us and AMP UP YOUR DANCE!  

INSTRUCTOR:  Amanda Worrell

June 3-7 (AGES 5-10)                                                        $175/camper ($25 Discount for Siblings)

August 5-8 (AGES 11-15) *Monday - Thursday - HOURS for this camp ONLY are 8:30am-4:00pm

$175/camper ($25 Discount for Siblings)


LEGO STOP-MOTION ANIMATION Using Legos, lights, cameras and whatever else we can combine, we'll create animation! Explore the world of animation from flip books on up to stop-motion. In this course we will learn, practice and then implement the Five Relevant Principals of Animation and apply them to create our very own movies. We will start by creating a story board for each group's movies. Using a variety of Lego kits (Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, City, Ninjago, Minecraft) we'll build our set pieces, create a stage from cardboard, duct tape, markers and anything else we can find and then begin animating! Each student will take home a digital file of their group's movie or movies as well as have access to every other groups final films.  

INSTRUCTOR: Rowland Cooney

June 10-14 (AGES 7-12)

July 22-26 (MIXED AGES 10-15)  

$225/camper ($25 Discount for Siblings) 



Have you ever seen The Lion King, or Mulan, or Lilo and Stitch and wondered how they brought those characters to life?  Now you can learn for yourself!  This camp will focus on the fundamentals of traditional animation that all great animation is based on.  You will learn the essential techniques of Squash and Stretch, Spacing, and Timing.  All of this will be taught by drawing on paper, and learning how to see the movement come to life by a former Disney animator and award winning writer and illustrator of children's books! 

Instructor:Pete Raymundo

June 17-21 (AGES 6-12)                                                  $225/camper ($25 Discount for Siblings) 


Tastisions cooking camp teaches cooking skills, techniques, kitchen safety, ingredient selection, and more!  Come join us for an exciting 5 day culinary experience as we cook up some of our best CULINARY CREATIONS. Each day will focus on a different lesson, menu, and of course- TASTING with creations to share with family and friends. Campers are required to bring an apron and “take-home” containers! 

INSTRUCTOR: Joanna Crews

June 24-28(AGES 5-10) 

July 8-12(AGES 11-15)                                   

$225/camper ($25 Discount for siblings)


Musical Theater camp is designed to provide an all-inclusive experience in stage production! Campers will learn delivery of lines, expression, characterization, gestures and improvisation techniques through dialogue, movement, and singing, as well as set and prop creation, costume, and behind the scenes tech work all in preparation for a final show!           

INSTRUCTOR: Ke'Lee Pernell

July 15-19 (AGES 5-12)                                                $175/camper ($25 Discount for Siblings)


MULTI-MEDIA ART Find the inner artist in you! Come explore and learn concepts in sketching, sculpting, print making, collage, and painting, as well as various techniques and styles of artists throughout the ages.                           

**Enhance self expression while  supporting problem solving, communication skills, critical thinking, and confidence building. Artists will work together to design and create and final showcase of their work.     All Artists need to bring a smock to camp each day.           

INSTRUCTOR:  Mike Goodge

July 1-5 (No camp July 4th) (AGES 11-15) 

$200/camper   ($25 Discount for siblings)   

July 29-August 2(AGES 6-10) 

$225/camper    ($25 Discount for siblings) 

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