A Musical Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 01......................................... March / April 2009

Practice Guide and Tips: To help with your child’s music education progress, we would like to recommend the following practice time schedule:

K-2nd grade: 15-20 minutes a day

2nd-5th grade: 20-30 minutes a day

6th grade-: 45 minutes to one hour a day

To assist with their practice time, parents should create a routine and structure that will help your child to begin developing a discipline to practice on their own.

Try and choose the same practice time and duration each day.

Lesson time can often be more exciting and stimulating to children, especially young ones, than individual practice time during the week. Sometimes it is a good idea to create incentives practice time so that students can progress each week and enjoy doing so. Here are a few incentives I encourage my students to use.

Light a Candle: This incentive works especially well for those students who have very busy schedules and can’t commit to 30 minutes of practice time every single day. Place a votive candle in a jar near the piano. When practice time begins, have your child; (with your assistance) light the candle. When their practice session is over, they blow the candle out. As soon as the candle is completely burned down, (may take a few weeks), they can reward themselves, (perhaps extra play time, or a small toy, or perhaps their music instructor can have a music “game day” during their next lesson as a reward for good practicing.) This helps so that when the student does sit down at the piano; they are inclined to practice perhaps a bit longer if they have missed a few days in order to burn the candle down!

Create a Practice Chart: You can even ask your instructor for a few to keep next to the piano. Each time your child sits down to practice the piano for their allotted time period, (15, 30, or 45 minutes); you can set a portable timer next to the piano. When the timer dings, their practice time is complete and they may check off, or sticker the box for that day. When they reach 4 straight weeks of “perfect practicing”, they may have an award similar to the choices above.

Allow for Mini Recitals: This is a favorite among several of my students and one that many parents enjoy. Pick a time at the end of the practice week to sit down and have your child “perform” their song selections or technique exercises for the week for you. Make this a topic of conversation throughout the week so that your child is excited and committed to practicing as they will be performing their pieces for you and they will want them to be perfect. Children love an audience-especially when it’s their family and friends. This gives them something to work towards and also gives them practice in playing in front of others.

OPMI 2009 Recital Schedule:

Date - 3/28/2009

This Year’s Theme - Lights, Camera, Action! (This is a movie/show themed recital so participants will be working with their instructors on preparing music from various movies, television shows, or musicals!)

Time - 11:00 am

Location - Celebration School K8 Cafeteria

510 Campus Street

Celebration, Fl 34747

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OPMI will give you 1 free lesson per student referred! If you have friends or family members interested in taking music lessons, have them contact OPMI to sign up for lessons and you will receive a free lesson credit to your account.